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Kimberly, Sole Proprietor
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About Watered Garden Soaps
Every step from mixing and pouring to cutting and wrapping is done by hand in small batches ensuring quality. We are truly a family operation. I couldn't get it all done without the support (especially tech support!) from my husband and children plus my wonderful brother who makes our custom oak soap molds. 
Our website was opened in 2013 and this business has become a real joy! 
From the aromas that fill the room to my favorite task - cutting the freshly made bars, to the markets and fairs where I get to visit with you who make this business come to life, I am grateful.
I sincerely hope you will enjoy the elegance and simplicity of our ingredients and design.
I first used handmade soap as a child at my grandparents' farm in rural Pennsylvania. That small farm taught me to deeply appreciate self-sustainability. While it is only a memory now, since learning this art, I've often thought of those roughly cut bars of soap that graced their kitchen sink and how great I thought it was that my grandmother had made them from scratch. 
While the process I use is the same, a few ingredients have changed. I choose vegetable oils over animal fats, distilled water has replaced water from the cistern, and the addition of various natural ingredients make our soaps a real indulgence. The result is a practical affordable treat with pure ingredients.
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