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~Additional product info and how our soaps are made~
Our soaps are hand cut and somewhat rustic in appearance. Texture, splatters, flecks, thickness and color will vary bar to bar.

Handmade soaps like to "breathe". Setting your soap on a dish that drains will help it dry out between uses and extend its life.

Babies and small children- Although our soaps are mild and natural, they will burn if you get any in your eyes.

Medical conditions- Many essential oils do contain some medicinal properties. If you have a health condition, wish to treat a health condition or are pregnant or nursing, please consult a physician before using our soaps. We do not make any claims of treatment or cures from our products.

Allergies- If you have allergies to any of our ingredients you should not use our soaps. Although our cookware and utensils are cleansed thoroughly between batches, cross contamination between soaps is possible. Watered Garden Soaps will not be held responsible for reactions, allergic or otherwise to our products. Testing our soap on a small patch of skin such as on your arm is advisable before use if you are concerned about allergies or sensitive skin.

Made from scratch  - Small batches -  Careful inspection and quality.

 Lye calculators, candy thermometers and precise measurements with a digital scale ensure consistency and safety in our product.

They are free of preservatives, artificial colors, artificial fragrances and animal fats.

We start every batch with the perfect balance of 3 food-grade vegetable oils

Coconut - great sudsing and cleansing ability plus it's many acclaimed health benefits, 
Palm oil - rich, healing vitamin E
Olive oil - softens and nourishes your skin while creating a mild soap.

Additional all-natural ingredients are added such as essential oils, soothing oats, moisturizing honey, nourishing butters, cleansing clays, exfoliating seeds and botanicals. Glycerin is naturally occurring in cold process soap, providing moisturizing and protective benefits.

We pour the soap batter into our custom made untreated solid oak molds to "set". When released, the giant block of soap (still with a fudge-like consistency) is hand cut into 24  2.5"x4" bars and put up to cure, hardening as the moisture is released. During this time some shrinkage will occur so the final measurement is approximate. Full size bars weight about 6 ounces each. Finally each bar is hand wrapped with a biodegradable wrapper then tied with a red raffia ribbon. On the back of the wrapper is the Bible verse Isaiah 58:11- "And the Lord shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not."

*Cold Process Method
This is the old fashioned way of making soaps from scratch by dissolving lye (sodium hydroxide) in a liquid, waiting for the perfect temperature, then mixing (for a long time!) with melted and cooled oils. This creates a change in the molecular structure allowing the liquid and oil to blend. The saponification process occurs turning the fats into fresh lathery soap; However, there is no lye left in the final product! 

In the olden days lye was made by soaking wood ash in rain water. Most often the oils used were animal fats such as lard (pig fat) or tallow (usually beef fat). Today pure lye can be readily purchased and there are endless choices in oils, indulgent butters and aromas!

Note: Very precise measurements and safety precautions must be taken when working with lye and hot oils. Do not try to make your own soap without alot of research first!

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We are proud to make a product that is practical and gets all used up! All of our supply containers get reused or recycled. The soap wrappers are biodegradeable, but before you throw them away, consider using the ones from  our essential oil soaps as "sachets" for your linen closets, clothing drawers, even as a car air freshener! The aromas can last for days on the paper!
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