Watered Garden Soaps   Isaiah 58:11 

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We are proud to make a product that is practical and gets all used up! All of our supply containers get reused or recycled. The soap wrappers are biodegradeable, but before you throw them away, consider using the ones from  our essential oil soaps as "sachets" for your linen closets, clothing drawers, even as a car air freshener! The aromas can last for days on the paper!
Free sample piece upon request!
....fun give-a-ways on social media
....auction items for select charities
...Farmers markets and craft fairs
 handcrafted with quality and precision ...for healthy, soft  clean skin
...Wholesale orders for your retail space
​1.5 oz. party favors upon request...luncheons, 
showers, retreats
....Gifts & self care
...Special colors for your event with order of 50 bars or more, any size bars
Free shipping on orders of $50 or more!
on the back of each label...
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